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How to get the most out of your advertising

Udvandrerne.dk is by far the biggest and most popular website targeted towards danes, who would like to buy property abroad. The numbers count for themselves: documents with good advice about buying property all over the world - and visits in average every day last week.

But how do you as an advertiser address all these people in the most cost-efficient way?

There are mainly three ways of doing that:

  1. Placing a banner ad at the right documents.
  2. Placing a sponsored link at the right documents.
  3. Writing text-ads including pictures - also possible as free service at a fixed price (text ad licence).

Banners and sponsored links

Banner ads can be positioned at the top (positions 1-4) or in the right column (position 5), while sponsored links are positioned in the left column (position 6). The banner sizes available are 468 x 60 pixels (position 2 and 3 at the top) and 125 x 125 pixels (the rest). Formats accepted are .gif (animated gifs as well), .jpg, .png and .swf (flash). Note: If you prefer flash, you need to get a special URL to include in your banner before creating it.

Banner ads and sponsored links can be placed at just the type of documents, that your target group would read. You can choose to be present at all documents about one or several, or you can choose to be present at some of the the front pages like:
  • homepage (one page in total) - note: not available to sponsored links
  • news page (one page in total)
  • search pages - example (about 50 pages in total)
  • texts about Udvandrerne.dk - example (about 50 pages in total)
  • Udvandrerne.dk+ - a special section containing articles from different media in full text. (today: articles)

...or combinations of the document-types mentioned.

Prices and payment:
Unlike many other websites there are no pay per view at Udvandrerne.dk. The charge for both banners and links is exclusively per click (no cure - no pay) The rate per click is DKK 3,00 / EUR 0,40 with a small additional charge - DKK 0,50 / EUR 0,08 - for top banners (position 1-4) and banners at Udvandrerne.dk+. Danish VAT not included.

Will I be ruined by thousands of users clicking their way to my website day and night - buying absolutely nothing?
Not at all. The users at Udvandrerne.dk are comitted and enthusiastic, so they read a lot. But the don't spend their time clicking at banners just for fun. In fact they are rather reluctant in doing that. But when they do click, there's a reason for it!

This is a big advantage for the individual advertiser (and a big dis-advantage for the owner of the website...)!

Typically the monthly charge would not exceed a few hundred danish kroners / 50-100 euro - even for a couple of banner-/link positions.

The clicks are to be paid for after each quarter, which is also the smallest unit size of an advertising deal.

Text ads

Text ads are basically shown and treated like any other user-contribution at Udvandrerne.dk, and they typically show up alongside any other type of content. Furthermore text ads are written right from the web - just like any other contribution. All explanatory texts are in danish for the time being, but this is how you do it:
  1. Find the menu "Annoncer"
  2. Click at the menu-point "Skriv tekstannonce"
  3. Choose the right form by clicking the relevant option in the table ("salg af enkeltboliger" = property sale, "udlejning af enkeltboliger" = property rent, "rubrikannonce" = classified ad/other purpose)

...and you have allready started!

Where does the text ad show up?
At the bottom of the form you decide for each text ad, where the ad should be shown. Here are some of the most important options:
  1. Skal annoncen kunne søges frem fra søgefunktionen til boliger? Should the ad be full text searchable from the property search function? Much preferable.
  2. Skal annoncen kunne søges frem fra den tværgående fritekstsøgning? Should the ad be full text searchable from the general search function? Much preferable.
  3. Skal annoncen vises som øverste bidrag på hjemmesiden, på siden med de seneste bidrag samt i det relevante landeforum umiddelbart efter afsendelsen? Should the ad be visible at the top of the homepage, the news page and the relevant country forum after send? Much preferable.
  4. Annoncen kan vises som øverste bidrag på hjemmesiden, på siden med de seneste bidrag samt i det relevante landeforum efter en opdatering? How many times should it be possible to update the ad and make it visibla again at the top of the homepage, the news page and the relevant country forum after send? Much preferable.
  5. Hvor længe skal annoncen vises? For how many quarters should the ad be visible at Udvandrerne.dk?

Please click "ja" for yes and "nej" for no. When clicking the relevant options, the resulting charge in danish kroners will be calculated consequently at the bottom of the form.

Please fill in as many fields as possible in order to make the ad more searchable. Note: Pictures and graphics can be added at a small charge. The numer og pictures to be shown is selected at "Hvor mange af de vedhæftede billeder eller dokumenter, skal annoncen vise?".

After "send" you will receive an invoice by mail covering the charge for the ad. The typical charge per text ad is DKK 300-400 / EUR 50 per quarter. That's nothing more than a few cents per day.

Text ad licence
If you want to post a handfull of ads or more, it's worth to consider purchasing a text ad licence (in danish: annonce-pas). Having a licence you can post a new text ad up to every third day, and your cost will be lower per ad and fixed instead of variable. A text ad licence covers a number of quarters, and it is paid for up front - just like individual text ads.

The charge per month for the three diffent text ad licences (danish VAT not included):
  1. Only propery rent ads: DKK 250 / EUR 33.
  2. Property rent and property sale ads: DKK 500 / EUR 67.
  3. Property rent, property sale and classified ads: DK 750 / EUR 100.

Having ordered a text ad licence you receive a login code to a kind of "cockpit", where you get easy access to your bank of ads, editing existing ads, posting new ads and information about, how many times each ad has been read.

Here you can get into contact with Udvandrerne.dk, if you have further questions concerning advertising, or if you would like to buy a banner position, link position or a text ad licence.


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